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Research Lines

Clinical Psychology and Health: Perinatal Mental Health

This line of research focuses on studying the effect that psychological interventions may have over biological, psychological and social aspects in people with different medical conditions (e.g. HIV, obesity, chronic pain, etc.) We highlight the economic impact that these results may have in the Spanish Public Health System and their influence in the development and management of public health policies. We are especially interested in the improvement of Perinatal and Reproductive Mental Health, a specific field that directly implies women´s health and that, for its social relevance, it should obtain major attention than it normally has received in our country. We conduct studies focused in the prevention of emotional disturbances in women with fertility problems and in those who are pregnant or at the post-partum process. We also study the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of the psychological interventions (in individual and group formats), delivered in a health center or via Internet, directed to women with emotional disorders during the perinatal period.

Prevention and transdiagnostic treatment of emotional and personality disorders

The goals of this line are, on one hand, to increase the psychopathological knowledge regarding the transdiagnostic mechanisms implicated in the etiology and maintenance of emotional and personality disorders, and on the other hand, to study the cost-effectiveness and the implementation of transdiagnostic interventions for their prevention and treatment. We include studies related to the Unified Protocol and the Dialectical Behavior Therapy. The main context of research is the Spanish Public Health System, although we also conduct research in other contexts such us academic and community services. We are interested in studying the use of cost-effective psychotherapy formats, such as group therapy and Information and Communication Technologies, to increase the number of people that may be able to receive the evidence-based treatment that they need. Research results from Spanish validations of questionnaires and improvements from case, multiple base designs and longitudinal studies, as well as randomized controlled trial, are presented.

Studies about memory processes, spatial orientation, affectivity and personality

The goal of this line of research is to study the relationship between memory processes and/or spatial orientation and sociodemographic, biological and psychological (emotional and personality) variables. With this aim, studies with different populations, community and clinical (e.g., elderly with cognitive impairment or dementia), and in different contexts, naturalistic or laboratory, are conducted. In some of the studies, the use of Information and Communication Technologies, such as Augmented Reality, is included. Implications resulted from these studies include the improvement of assessment methods and their adaptation to different types of users.


Research Projects


Active research projects

  • Augmented Reality through a variety of sensory modalities. Application to orientation and localization processes (TIN2017-87044-R).
    01/01/2018 a 31/12/2021
    Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness.
    Principal Investigator: Mª Carmen Juan.
  • Are the memory and academic performance of university students influenced by emotional variables and the hormonal stress response? (JIUZ-2019-SOC-01).
    01/01/2020 a 31/12/2020. Universidad de Zaragoza – Fundación Bancaria Ibercaja. Principal Investigator: Camino Álvarez Fidalgo
  • Influence of the endocrine response from an accurate stressor about the cognitive and academic performance.
    01/01/2020 - 31/12/2020.
    Vicerrectorado de Política Científica, Universidad de Zaragoza, y Fundación Universitaria Antonio Gargallo.

    Principal Investigator: Vanesa Hidalgo Calvo
  • Efficacy of the Unified Protocol for transdiagnostic treatment of emotional disorders in group format: An efficient proposal for the public mental health system (PI17/00320).
    01/01/2018- 31-12-2020.
    Ministerio de Industria, Economía y Competitividad. Instituto de Salud Carlos III. Projects on Health Research. Health projects modality.
    Principal Investigator: Jorge Osma


History of recents projects 

  • Influence of emotional and non-emotional variables on the spatial orientation anxiety (FUAG 2018/B007).
    01/01/2019 - 31/12/2019.
    Vicerrectorado de Política Científica, Universidad de Zaragoza, y Fundación Universitaria Antonio Gargallo.
    Principal Investigator: Camino Álvarez Fidalgo.
  • Investigation, development and innovation projects for Young researchers. The role of the strategies and emotions on the fear of disorientation (JIUZ-2018-SOC-12).
    01/01/2019 a 31/12/2019.
    Vicerrectorado de Política Científica, Universidad de Zaragoza.
    Principal Investigator: Magdalena Méndez López.
  • Are important changes in personality dimensions produce after a psychological treatment based on emotional regulation?  (JIUZ-2016-SOC-10). 
    Vicerrectorado de Política Científica, Universidad de Zaragoza.
    Principal Investigator: Jorge Osma. 
  • Study of transdiagnostic vulnerability factors on internalizing and externalizing disorders (2016/B003).
    Fundación Universitaria Antonio Gargallo. Universidad de Zaragoza.
    Investigador Principal: Jorge Osma. 


Phd Theses 


Theses defended

  • Development of spatial auditory discrimination and memory in students of music: from childhood to adolescence.
    14/06/2019. Jimena Bonilla Carvajal.

    Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
    PhD directors: Elena Perez Hernandez and Magdalena Méndez López
  • An immersive virtual reality task with physical movement for the assessment of spatial memory.
    29/10/2018. David Rodríguez Andrés.
    Universitat Politècnica de València.
    PhD directors: M. Carmen Juan Lizandra and Magdalena Méndez López
  • Happymom Project: Study of prenatal mental health through Internet.
    30-06-2017. Laura Andreu Pejó.
    Universitat Jaume I de Castellón.
    PhD directors: Azucena García Palacios y Jorge Osma.
  • Virtual Reality systems for memory assessment and depth perception.
    05/12/2017. Sonia Elizabeth Cárdenas Delgado.
    Universitat Politècnica de València.
    PhD directors: M. Carmen Juan Lizandra and Magdalena Méndez López


Theses in progress

  • HappyMom Project: online prevention of postpartum emotional disorders.
    Verónica Martínez Borba.
    PhD directors: Carlos Suso Ribera y Jorge Osma.
  • Assessment and acceptability of mental health interventions: The perspective of the agents involved.
    Óscar Peris Baquero.
    PhD directors: Jorge Osma y Marta Gil Lacruz
  • Psychopathology assessment among women during the perinatal and reproductive period. 
    Gracia Lasheras Pérez.
    PhD directors: Azucena García-Palacios y Jorge Osma.


Financing and Collaborating Entities


Generalitat Valenciana Salut
Instituto Carlos III
Fundación bancaria Ibercaja
Fondo social Europeo
Fundación Universitaria Antonio Gargallo
MINECO Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad
Universidad de Zaragoza
Gobierno de Aragón